Saturday, February 4, 2012

12 Weeks and 4 days (pregnant)


I tracked my food for the first time since January 2nd and made conscious food choices this morning.

It. Feels. Wonderful.

I like the 'in control' feeling. I signed back up with Weight Watcher's this morning and before I get any rightfully concerned comments about trying to lose weight while pregnant, that is not what I am doing. I am in maintenance mode where you eat to maintain your weight, not lose, until baby joins us in August.

I simply need to be aware of what I'm eating all the time, because I have gained weight since leaving WW. I know the difference between pregnancy weight and fat. This is fat. I see my body daily and I know what's been happening. I haven't left Onederland yet, which is good.

I won't be publicly tracking my weight because it isn't a weight loss thing and my general weight will increase as the baby gets bigger and my body's blood supply increase (and as my boobs continue to grow--which is happening for the FIRST TIME!!!!! It's wonderful that my boobs have filled out this time aroud : ) )

So I'm back. And it feels great.

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  1. Erin ApostolicoMonday, June 04, 2012

    Kara you are one amazing woman! All I have to say is GO YOU!


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