Some of my favorite food and health spots on the web...

Apple Crumbles  Joanne believes what I do--it's about lifestyle change, not diets. She's a blogger, a baker, a runner, and so much more. She's a great source of inspiration!
Jillian's Kitchen   A fellow Weight Watcher who makes some yummy stuff and is kinda famous in our parts : )
Peas and Crayons  Delicious food, humor, musings and a dollop of art and inspiration.
The Way (by Elle)  Elle found me, then I discovered Elle. A great way to be healthy and enjoy it.
The Token Fat Girl  Another true life story of weight loss documented - bold and honest.
Kath Eats Real Food  A registered dietitian who loves to eat yummy food. Yes, please!
Fat Girl Dives In Tina's has done the yo-yo thing like all of us, and she's working at getting it off.
Eat Me, Delicious  Ashley loves to bake. Ashely loves her cat Abby. Ashley's a vegetarian. If you share any, or all of these in common with her, you should check her out.  That's an order : )
My Journey To Fit  Shelley is a forty something sharing her weight loss journey with the world. Honest and real.
Veggie By Season  Ashlee is an accountant by day and food blogger by love. I have a hard time coming up with veggie dishes and she has a HUGE collection of amazing veggie recipes and photos. 

Other good stuff:

Kara's Couture Cakes  *wink wink, nudge nudge!*
Cake Wrecks  When Professional Cakes Go Horribly, Hilariously Wrong.
The Little Things   Bringing smiles and boosts of morale, my friend Kris chronicles his days.
A Little Bit Random   A taste of the random, weird, wonderfulness that is my friend Kristina.
CakeSpy A great, quirky little spot for delicious ideas and food humor.   Hilarious acts of, well, passive aggression.
food+words  Yumminess. Not for the faint of diet, but an amazing way to indulge virtually or for real. And she has great giveaways (who doesn't love that?!?!?).

Think you have a site that I would enjoy? Leave me a message below!

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