Kara in a Nut Shell

I am...
  • Married to Nick- the man at the center of my world.
  • Mommy to two darling, energetic, hilarious and dubious little boys
  • Original career path: Art Education K-12 certification, minor in Graphic Design
  • Currently a student in The Culinary Institute of America Bachelor's degree program - business 
  • Graduated from the C.I.A. AOS Baking and Pastry Arts program 2010
  • Owner of a custom special occasion cake business
  • Born and raised in the Nickel City, a.k.a. Buffalo, New York
  • Currently living just north of The Big Apple
  • Began my weight loss journey at 250 lbs. on April 3rd, 2011
  • Following the Weight Watcher program- online member
  • Goal: to lose 100 lbs. by April 3rd of 2012

I am many things, and obese is just one of them. I had allowed it to define me for a long time, and just before I decided to start this journey I had actually made friends with it. Life has changed in many ways since beginning this adventure, many ways not related to my pants size. Life is changing all around me now, and I would like to share it with the world. If I've inspired even one person, it's been worth the effort.

Here I will share my successes, struggles, preoccupations, hang-ups, loves, not-so-loves and my numbers. I'm a chubby girl living in a glass house and trying to lose weight. I invite you to join me and share your struggles, successes, hopes, encouragement and support. 

Stop by often, I'll be here : )

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