Saturday, December 29, 2012

Day 4 - Sushi-ish Issues

I've been craving sushi. Not seafood sushi, veggie roll style.

When I was pregnant with my last little one (that cute munchkin over there ------>) I went out for sushi with a bunch of friends. Even if I liked seafood, I wouldn't have been able to eat it raw, so I ordered some veggie rolls to "fit in", hoping that I would be able to stomach them. You know- just being social.

I ordered sweet potato rolls and peanut-avocado rolls. O.M.G. I never knew I liked Asian cuisine this much!

So I got a hankering for it today walking through my local and beloved Wegman's*. I picked up some sweet potato sushi made fresh by their in-house sushi chefs. Also, I've convinced myself that my culinary background has given me enough backbone to try to make it myself... So tomorrow I'll be making the peanut-avocado. I'll post pics. It'll be epic. Either epic great, or epic fail. I'll let you know : )

These are my rolls that I bought. But they're the same thing. This I found on

*Don't know what Wegman's is? Check out this awesome video of Alec Baldwin talking about his mom refusing to leave her home due to Wegman's : )   It's a funny clip, but long. Watch from 2:15-3:45ish. It's so funny! He actually did a series of commercials for them after this... And I've included those here too! LOL

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