Monday, January 23, 2012

10 weeks and 6 days (Pregnant)

I'm sorry. (repeat 1,000 times in heart broken voice)

I'm an awful blogger. I feel like I've abandon all that was my weight loss life, and I'm completely lost without it.

This time around pregnancy has not been so kind to me. I've never had such harsh reactions to removing my medicines--after almost 10 years of taking them, I'm lost without them. And it shows in my everyday.

I'm exhausted constantly, by 10 am I'm ready for a nap. Mentally, I'm napping most of the day anyway.

My eating is horrid. HORRID. And I can't wait to get back to my weightloss program in August.

Everything is so off right now...

But so far as we know, baby is healthy and growing just right. Right now, baby is the size of a fig and is starting to make fists with his/her hands. : )  Hopefully the second trimester (just around the corner) will be better to me.

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  1. awww. I've been there. Hang on, it seems like forever now but its not. Keep eating healthy! Maybe try doing something like simply filling? That way you are listening to your body and what it needs while still being healthy?


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