Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 268 - Halt

I'm pregnant. My body needs different things right now. I feel anemic a lot, and have find ways to get in extra iron and vitamin C. And to be honest, I'm finding it counter productive to be stressing myself about counting points right now-- to the point where I'm binging on junk. So...

I'm going to drop the Weight Watcher's plan for now (they don't allow pregnant women to be on plan anyway) and take my knowledge and good habits and adapt them to a healthy pregnancy. 

You may have noticed in my recipes and in my diatribes I refer to the 'Points Plus' or 'point' value of foods that I eat: Weight Watcher's has a secondary, lesser used method called Simply Filling Technique. You eat power foods and pay close attention to your hunger cues. You learn to listen to your body, and when you are no longer hungry, you stop. I'm going to use my better understanding of how my body processes whole vs. processed foods and pay attention to my body's cues for hunger and need for specific nutrients to guide my eating through the birth of baby number 3.

And because being accountable has been a HUGE part of my success, I will continue to blog, I will continue to weight myself (mostly out of curiosity) and I will still be here daily until I am back on my 365 track at the end of August. I'm going to ficus on a good ways to get in certain vitamins and minerals and recipes and food pairings that help. And it'll all still be yummy : )

As always, I appreciate your support and following more than you'll ever know--you've been the single biggest driving force in my daily commitment to continue. Thank you all!

Stay tuned for baby bump pics, too!

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  1. I went through this same thing when I got pregnant with my fourth baby when I was halfway to my goal. Now baby number four is ten months old and once again I am halfway to goal. Keep being healthy!!! I didn't and I regret it. And even more importantly perhaps beware of the post partum period. I gained 15 pounds!!!! In just the two months after she was born. Congrats again!


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