Saturday, January 28, 2012

11 Weeks 4 Days (pregnant)

I've been craving oatmeal raisin cookies since last weekend. Someone mentioned them on facebook and I must have them.

But I'm pretty picky about my cookies (I should be, I'm a pastry buff) and they have to be super thick and chewy. And they have to have lots of moist, juicy raisins.

So last weekend, I tried a recipe from a cookbook I was given 14 years ago. I like many of the recipes in the book so I figured there was a pretty good shot that I would also enjoy the oatmeal raisin recipe. Nope. In professional terms, the ratios were off, with too many liquifiers--mostly sugar--and they spread way too much and caramelized like crazy. Crispy. Blech.

So I've decided to work at a couple different formulas for the  this weekend in order satisfy my picky craving for oatmeal raisin cookies. I'll gladly share my findings this evening : )

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