Saturday, June 4, 2011

Days 60 &61

Wow!!! I've crossed the 60 day line. That's kind of impressive-I've never been so dedicated to weight loss to stick with it this long. I had a much better day yesterday with eating and feeling in control and o.k. with the plan. I'm hoping for a 2 pound loss this week, it'll keep me on my path to the 100 pounds in 365 days. I haven't been as physically active the last few weeks as I was in the beginning, so yesterday I got back outside and dug up some of my yard (for a reason, not just to dig). My boys are sick today and it's making being outside difficult, but I'll find a way! Check back tomorrow to see what my weekly weigh-in results are!


  1. Great for you!!! I actually feeling motivated by you started to keep track of my caloric intake and switch up my work outs..... And lost 5 pounds!!!!! I am now at 214!!!! Keep posting! I love to read it, hopefully this time I do it!!! I souls love to just get back below 200 , but ultimately be at 170. Long haul, but doable!!!!------Natalie

  2. Well you've taken the first steps toward being healthier- and those are the hardest ones. Keeping motivated is the hardest day-to-day thing to maintain. I think it never really worked for me before because I didn't have that overwhelming motivating reason for sticking with it. This blog is part of what keeps me doing it, being accountable to others, knowing someone will check up on me out of curiosity. Once the ball began rolling and I started losing weight each week, that in itself became motivation. It feels great to have inspired even one person : ) Thank you for sharing Natalie!


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