Thursday, June 2, 2011

Days 57, 58 & 59

It's been a rough few days, hence my non-posting attitude. But I'm still here. I've hit a kind of tough spot where food isn't interesting me (partially due to the hot and unbearably humid weather) and all that appetizes me is junk. I've remained on plan though not making the healthiest choices all the time. I start off every day being committed, and today (Thursday) is no different. I'm off to The Culinary for the day and will be needing to save some room in my eating plan for a wine tasting seminar in the evening. I've snuck onto the scale early (again) just to see where I'm at, and I have lost so far this week. My goal for the week, though I don't think I posted it, has been to be more aware of sodium in my diet. I'm mostly curious to see how much sodium affects water retention especially when closely monitoring weight loss. I'll keep you posted!

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