Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 17 - Today's Meal Challenge

I'm so excited! I have a couple's date today with my hubby and a married couple friend of ours :)  We're going to do an early lunch at Panera. This could be difficult, but utilizing online resources I'm able to plan ahead and figure out what I want within reason (sooooooo much stuff there is really sooooooooo not good) and that I can be content and happy with. Eating out now requires planning ahead, but I'm good with that, especially when I'll be rewarded with a tinier waistline! So, what am I going to have?
Panera's pic, not mine :)
  •  A Pick Two lunch combo (which I always like to get anyways) with a half tuna sandwich on Honey Wheat bread, and a cup of broccoli cheddar soup (Panera's broc/cheddar soup is my ABSOLUTE. FAVORITE. SOUP. EVER! So, win!)
  • A sugar free skinny vanilla latte
  • Possibly share a Peanut butter dream cookie with the hubs. 
I'm not usually one to share yummy cookies from Panera. I'll munch on it through the day, but It would be the 'pointy-est' item of the meal, even at half of a cookie. So we'll see if I feel like splurging once my meal is complete. If I can walk out of there peanut butter cookie free, I will have had a minor victory against my typical eat-cause-I-wanna behavior. I want to show the world that YOU CAN have a social life and go out and enjoy treats and still lose weight!


Again, not my pic. I'll post mine Monday :)
This weekend will hold more food challenges. I have the tamale party with my siblings on Sunday (which makes me sooooooooo happy!). We're making everything from scratch, right down to braising the beef to begin and layering everything into corn husks. I'll share on Monday.

Also, and this will be a test of my strength, but I think I can handle it, I'm going to test out this new chocolate chip cookie recipe I found yesterday. I know they will not be point friendly, but the experimental baker in me has to have a go at the methods and their results. And as soon as I find that the recipes truly is The Last Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe You Will Ever Need, I'll gladly share the source with you. But not until I can personally vouch for it as a pastry chef :) 

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