Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 22- Weigh In, Tamales and a Bug

I know. Crazy title for a blog post, right? Well it actually fully encapsulates my last 3 days.

I did in fact have that amazing tamale party with my sister, her fiancee, my nephew, my brother and his girlfriend, and my hubby and my boys. And it was wonderful! I know I promised a post regarding this delicious event and you will get it tomorrow along with my review of The Last Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe You'll Ever Need To Know.In the mean time, enjoy this picture of the final product, a picture that was barely taken before I devoured one of my favorite foods. :)

This was the pork filled tamale. We also did a beef filled one. Yum.

Which brings me to why I haven't told you about that delicious Sunday yet... This year's flu bug found it's way into my home. Well, more specifically it found me. I'm the only one in the house that didn't get a flu shot and I'm paying for it. :(  Today, however, is the best I've felt since Saturday. So I'm on the upswing. (And considering today's my birthday, it's a pretty good birthday gift!)

Speaking of great birthday gifts... Weigh in results: -4.4 lbs! And I believe only part of this had to do with being sick. From last Wednesday through Sunday I tracked all of my food, ate responsibly and got in my GHGs (Good Healthy Guidelines). I even ate within reason on Sunday when we indulged in homemade tamales and terrifically sweet, caramel-y, salty cookies. Granted, the fever I was running for two days probably burned a bunch of stored fuel (yes, it's stored fuel, not chub... at least in my head).

This week's goals: Continue to get in my GHGs like last week, but while reducing the processed foods. I need to focus on eating more whole foods. It was the cornerstone to my success pre-baby and I need to get back there. So here's to another fantastic week!

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