Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 236 - Struggles

I'm having a hard time with wanting to eat the proper foods. I could easily blame it one the amazing 3 weeks trip I recently returned from (based on eating and drinking wine for the better part of each day during the 3 weeks). But I have to blame it on me...

I knew that I would need to adjust many things about my lifestyle to make this weight loss doable, long term and sustainable. I have ignored my own better judgement and haven't worked physical activity into my lifestyle. Why does that have anything to do with eating the proper foods? Let me illuminate.

I should be doing this...
When you are more physically active, specifically when you exercise, you need to eat more to fuel your how much energy you're using. This is great! This means eating more (and who doesn't want to eat more and lose weight) and being able to indulge a bit. On Weight Watcher's, you earn Activity Points for the physical things you do, which are then able to be exchanged to eat more, or slightly higher point value foods (yes, the points and calculating seems tedious and obnoxious to some, but I'm a closet office nerd and love this stuff!). This is part of what makes this new lifestyle easier to transition into--not feeling deprived! When you feel deprived on when trying to lose weight, binges and other self-defeating behaviors ensue. So instead of eating all of my veggies one day, I ate 1/3 of my points in chocolate...

I also haven't set myself up for success since I've been home from my trip. I have my trigger foods surrounding me (which is my own doing and no one else's) and have developed a craving again for sugar that had subsided.

Instead, I'm eating this.

What am I going to do about this?

I've already started by admitting this to my very supportive hubby. I've told him that sugar is becoming a problem again, and that I hid 2 amazing milk chocolate bars from him so that I wouldn't lose any to his sweet tooth. I asked him to remove the problem foods from the house (and I disclosed where everything was and which 'normal' pantry items would taunt me requiring their removal). This was done in a moment of clarity. I'm going to get sugar crazy again before I kick the cravings and I'm prepared for it.

Do you have a sugar problem, too? Perhaps in the form of chocolate, or ice cream, or Buttered PopCorn JellyBelly Jelly Beans? (<---- me again)  Let this comment section be your Sugar Addicts Anonymous! Tell the world and then take control!


  1. I want to be part of the SAA! I suffer from cookie binges! I love baking but I refrain because I know I'll eat the whole batch, it's really hard to stop. I feel a bit better when I run, I release some of the anxiety and addictive behavior...

  2. I must say I absolutely LOVE your blog, it's so inspirational and such a pleasure to read! I'm your newest follower! :) Also, feel free to check out the $50 Williams-Sonoma gift card giveaway going on right on my blog! xoxo

  3. Thanks so much Kelly! SO glad we found each other on FoodBuzz : ) I'm pretty enamored with your blog, too!

  4. Ruth- I'm getting into the C25K plan (Couch To 5K). I'm not a runner--even though I grew up as an athlete I typically hated running-- I'm ready to give it a try. Having a place to go and something to do when the sugar demon comes knocking would be beneficial!


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