Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 253 - 3 Great Things About Weight Loss

Down another 2.2 lbs : ) I'm feeling good again!

And now, my top 5 favorite things about losing weight:

Number 3
As my body gets smaller, my boobs look bigger. (see my boob post) This week a friend took notice of this and commented on my seemingly growing boobs. (I measure them weekly--trust me, if they were growing I'd know it). Being in better proportion works wonders for the lady curves!

Number 2
Seeing you thighs slowly stop hanging out so closely anymore. Can't wait for the day when they no longer touch while I walk. Sounds odd right? Not so much- ask Susan Powter.

Number 1
I'll admit it, I've become quite addicted to the attention. But it's in a good way, it's motivating and empowering. It reaffirms what I have a hard time acknowledging sometimes: that I have done something pretty big and pretty great. It helps keep my head focused when I can only see what still isn't perfect. Some women don't like the attention. I love it.

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