Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 245 - Weigh In Day & BACK IN THE GAME!!!!

I was just about to say "Well, it's Christmas. And I love baking about 12 different types of cookies--about 200 dozen. So I'm going to just deal with what the holidays will do to my weight. Eh. It's Christmas." Not so fast Kara...

I am SO back in the game this week! I made it below 190, the right way this time! A loss of 2.4 pounds this week, putting me back on track to get to goal. I needed this today, my motivation (and clearly my commitment) was waning.

In the beginning of October I had some medical issues arise that really put my body through some un-fun stuff, and has left my metabolism and hormones in a bit of a tizzy. I'm starting to notice a good change in my appetite and the power of cravings has declined. Those things along with this lose tell me that my body is beginning to return to a more normal state. Finally. : )

And if you're one of my Sunday reviewers and haven't yet had a chance to catch up my week, please read below for some great recipes (including Skinnier Bananas Foster French Toast) and the post immediately below this one--it was written by a guest blogger and friend of mine at the CIA. His article is something that is so important for us think about when we purchase food. Please take a few moments to read, especially this time of year.

Thank you all for continued support and encouragement! You all play a role in my dedication to this journey. You mean more to me than you may know : )

This week--I will be starting some Christmas cookie baking, but I have revised and reduced my typical production (I sound very professional industry there, I'm sorry, sometimes I just can't turn it off) and my famous sour cream cut-out have made the cut for this years bake off (pun intended). Stay tuned for some food pron. Yum.


  1. That's a healthy loss. Keep it up and it will stay off. Sometimes I hear people get so happy about losing an too much weight too fast. It just won't stay off that way. Healthy weight loss mean life changes and it sure sounds like you're doing things right.
    Now for some contradiction - send some of those cookies my way :) I can't get in the holiday baking mood.

  2. Sorry to hear about the medical issue you had in October. I hope thing are better for you. Congrats on you weight loss.


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