Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 248 - The Mirror and Self Image

I get it. I've passed the 60 pound mark and when I look back at pictures from less than a year ago, I can't believe the difference! It truly IS amazing. But each day I have a hard time convincing myself that I no longer look that way. I spent years hating what I saw everyday in the mirror. I had many reasons to be unhappy about my reflection. It's hard to break out of that mindset.

What brought this up? Today, again, I looked in the mirror and caught myself thinking how fat I looked. I wasn't happy with what I saw and started getting self-conscious. WHAT AM I DOING THIS FOR?!?!?!?! Look how far I've come! Look at what I've accomplished already! Why can't my sensibility catch up to reality? It's really kind of ridiculous.

I have my moments where I feel like a fox (ask my good friend Steph who got to see me moments after a catching myself in the right light in a bathroom mirror, it was priceless!). But there are many more self-conscious moments than I care to admit to. And they seem to have only taken hold very recently--and strongly. Like the last 3 weeks recently. Perhaps I need to investigate why that is...

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  1. I've lost somewhere between 70-80 lbs and feel the same way. I always think of myself as much bigger than I am and have trouble breaking out of that mindset. I go into stores sometimes and think I can't fit into the clothes and don't bother trying them on even though in reality, I can fit into them.


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