Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 238 - Weigh In Day

A loss is a loss. Though hard to accept at only 0.4 pounds down. It is better than gaining or maintaining. I did something right last week.

I feel like my year is closing in on me and I've lost the momentum I had. This bothers me. Not because I might miss my 365 day goal, but because I've allowed things to get in my way and was conscious of it happening.

After following up with a doctor since having some medical problems in October, I know that my body has yet to get back to it's normal balance. My estrogen levels are too high right now which I've been able to link to uncontrollable eating. I troll the kitchen for sweet, then salty, then sweet, then salty. Nothing is satisfying me and I've lost the ability to discern between feeling full and feeling hungry (sounds odd, but I've this issue in the past and getting past it has been part of my success in losing weight). I need to get onto medicine to bring these levels down, which will help bring my appetite back to my normal levels.

Also, I've known that exercise would be key in creating a sustainable weight loss pattern--and I've neglected to do so. I hate running. Hate. Withe a capital 'H' kind of hate. I've never liked it (ask most girls who play softball or volleyball in school what their least favorite method of punishment from the coach is... it's usually having to run the bases and run lines, respectively; true for most of the gal's I teamed with in school). But I feel like I need to get past this as It would probably be the easiest way for me get activity in daily. I'm thinking of the Couch to 5K running plan--or C25K if you're in the know, and now you are : ). I was an athlete through most of my younger years and I know I can do this. Some people who don't like running before they start end up loving it and find it to be the best part of everyday. So I'm thinking let's give it a try. I have had many women swear by this program, most recently a couple of very good friends of mine. I trust them--they want to see me succeed in hitting my goal. Many of the blog pages on my links tab have women who focus on eating healthy

So, let's stop chatting about it, and start doing something about it!


  1. Good job on the loss - even small losses are movement in the right direction! C25k is a great program - you go at your own speed. I think the attitude towards running might be different when it is a choice and not a punishment. I never say "I have to run today," but "I get to run today." Attitude is so much of the journey!

  2. I used to HATE running!!! I started walking last spring, and as the momentum increased I started to enjoy it. I did give the C25K a try but I liked setting goals for myself instead. Commit to 3 months of walking or running every other day. 1/2 hour. If you do more great but make that a minimum and I'd be willing to bet you will start to love it!!

  3. Kara, I've spent the last couple days looking at your blog, and OMG you're truly an inspiration. I'm trying find the best way for me to approach my weightloss... I weigh as much now as I did when I was 9 months pregnant with my 1st. Sadly this time it won't come off in 6 weeks like it did with her! LOL! But that's okay. Anyway, I have a plan, and I just need to get on it! Thanks for the kick in the pants (so yes you have inspired yet another person!)

    I wanted to chime in on the C25k, it is a great program. There are several podcasts (if you have an iPod or iPhone or similar) that can help with figuring out the timing of when to walk and when to run! I made it to week 3 - 3x before I realized that I hated the program and like Anonymous above, discovered I wanted to set my own goals (I'm an all in or all out kinda gal! LOL!) But this was worth learning! So instead, I've been trying to get in 12 miles (walking) each week - which translates to at least 3 - 2 mile walks a week. (currently 40 mins of hilly terrain each)

    I homeschool my girls (3 of them,) so somedays they walk with me, most days I take my favourite podcast... and smile my way around the block - (at 0'dark thirty - my kids don't get up til 9:30 0 and neither does hubby!! LOL!)

    And last but not least... I'm envious of your 2 lbs per week losses. The last time I did this (before kids) I was lucky lose between 0.5 and 1.5 lbs per week! other weeks I'd gain even if I stuck to plan. Hang in there. Even though you don't know me, I'm rooting for ya! :)

  4. I SO understand the sugar-salt-sugar-salt... eating cycle. I also understand what you mean by needing to find out what hungry feels like again.

    I struggled with eating for about two months, compulsively eating, not being able to wait until I was really hungry. I have studied how combinations of foods are addictive in the brain and I knew I was addicted again.

    After months of struggling, I got a bad head cold last weekend and VOILA! I didn't feel like eating anymore.

    Sometimes I eat EVEN MORE when I get sick, but I kept telling myself that if I didn't eat very much, I could get out of the eating cycle. It totally worked. I lost 5 lb. last week.

    My cold is mostly over, but I still don't feel like eating. I actually have to make myself eat enough calories (since I'm still nursing my son). I even made my supply go down and have to drink Mothers Nursing tea now. : (

    I have faith you will get through and get back on track!

  5. You guys all make me wanna cry : ) Good tears though! I appreciate your support more than you know. It's weird, but I want to like running because so many people I know have gotten into it recently. I want to be part of it... Lame considering I'm almost 32, but hey--whatever gets me out the door and moving, right?

    Grumpy- I'm envious that you are able to home school your girls. I would love to do that with my boys! And losing 0.5 to 1.5 lbs per week is the healthy and sustainable range for long term weight loss. Keep at it at that rate and it will be a lifetime of better health and funner (yes I said funner) clothes : )

    Elle- I hope you're feeling better! Funny though how being sick for a bit can get our heads back in the game. lol I do the same thing often.

  6. Kara, I'm 39 and discovered I loved running last year! LOL! But OMG, I won't do it in public yet! LOL!

    That said I know you'll either love it or hate it! And it is okay either way, you gotta do what works for you!

    Me, I have to be careful with my knees though. My mum had a knee replacement a few years ago and found severe arthritis in it (and her shoulders), and my dad has had difficulties with his knees since he was young-ish. (another motive for losing weight! LOL!)


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