Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 244 - Hydration

I'm sooooo bad at drinking anything, least of all--water.

 But it is so crucial to weight loss. I know this from my journey thus far. I fell off the boat during my pregnancy hiatus, though. (Hahaha! Fell off the boat. Like into water : ) Pun intended.)

It's boring to me. But I also think that because I have been so used to NOT taking in liquids for most of my life (like since I can remember) that I don't get to the point of feeling parched or dehydrated. Perhaps I do though and I'm accustomed to it that I don't even know what it really is anymore.

So today's focus--drink all my water/liquids. This is 8 cups. And I can't use wine as a "liquid"... *sigh*

Any hints or tips to getting in all this water? Leave your suggestions below. I promise I'll try them!

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