Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 248 - Couch To 5K (C25K)


I started the Couch To 5 K program yesterday with my sister. It felt great to take another step towards regaining my healthier lifestyle and figure. It was a manageable amount of walking/jogging and was completely doable. I challenge all of you to join me if you've ever wanted to run, but felt silly (like me) starting it. Oh! And did I mention that there are podcasts you can download for FREE to help time and coach you so it's pretty much a no brainer while you're out there? Yup. She and I run again again tomorrow afternoon.

If you want to see the generals of the program, click here to go to Cool Running, the website I used to get me started. The podcast is slightly different, but the website is a great reference point to begin.

Also, this week I need to begin to pull myself away from sugar. Not completely, but in the highly condensed versions I get easily addicted to. Like Caramel Creme candies *drool*. I have found another treat, lower in sugar but a great little not-to-sweet treat when you just need something to get you past your craving without causing a sugar crash. I'll share tomorrow on my Product Reviews tab!

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