Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 15

I LOST 5.4 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And, not to be discounted, I lost 2 inches overall between waist/hip/thigh/arms/bust measurements!

This makes me feel motivated again. I cannot wait to get this new week done and step on the scale again! When was the last time I said (or felt) "I can't wait to weigh myself again"?!?!?!? This feels wonderful. My husband, who is on this journey with me, started at 250 as well and has lost a bit more than me. We both do the same workouts and eat the same types of food in proper proportion. He has two big advantages- he's a man (luck of the draw) and he works a physical job (I sit in classrooms and libraries most days). But I'm happy for him because I want to have him around for a long time, and being healthier will help that.

My weight loss included a daily PointsPlus reduction with Weigh Watchers from 39 to 38. It's not a big deal to me because I have found ways to satisfy my hunger with healthy foods and leave just a little room every so often for a treat. The new daily points allowance is a success, telling me I've moved into a different phase of my weight loss journey. I feel great : )

the P90x workout we've been doing changes the routine this week. No real weight lifting or muscle building workouts, things like yoga (which is NOT easy), cardio and Kenpo. There's something else in there, too, I just don't remember what. Hmmm. Let's get today underway and go look!

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