Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 23

After only 0.2 lbs lost over the course of last week, my enthusiasm was rather deflated. I did practically nothing on Sunday, paralyzed with disappointment. So I resolved to work harder one one aspect of my weight loss journey with Weight Watchers: eating more nutritious food. Even though the program teaches you to eat the same as everyone else, just in moderation with better choices, it does emphasize getting in certain quantities of fruits/veg, fat-free dairy, healthy oils, grains and lean meats. So my resolution for this week is to work on getting all of my goal amounts into my diet each day (including my vitamin and daily exercise). Monday began the efforts and went well! I was still a little off mood-wise, but I got my head back into the game, ate a better variety of foods and felt more satisfied throughout the day and very yummy meals. I am back in the game mentally today, Tuesday (yes I'm blogging Monday a day late... lots of studying yesterday).

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