Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day Seven

I had to take the day off from the P90x routine. I have deduced that my knees do not like the legs and back routine. I think I may need to remove that from my repertoire till I lose a bit of weight. Well supplement with a different workout. Still doing well with my eating; I made a wonderful chili that is packed with veggies and beans and 85% ground beef. Since it's light on the ground beef, I was o.k. using 85% rather than a leaner 90%. The little bit of fat and protein from the beef helped with feeling satisfied for a longer time after eating and only affected the point value of the 12oz serving by one point. It was perfect! I froze the rest in Ziploc baggies in the meal size portion to make grabbing one later easier- points already portioned and ready to go!


  1. have you thought about using turkey instead of ground beef? one thing i've learned is that you can buy the cheaper beef, brown it, then rinse it in a colander with hot water to remove the fat - comes out as one lean, mean, protein machine!

  2. I haven't tried ground turkey at all actually... I'll have to try that. Thank you : )


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