Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 185 - Boobs

Yes. Boobs.
We all think about them: girls--because we have them; guys--well, that's kind of obvious.

But their presence here is a bit different. They had a part in me not making an effort to lose weight. (Oh the things we do for boobs, girls and guys alike.)

How so, you might ask? Please step inside my head...

I'm not, how shall we say, 'well endowed' in the bust department. I looked forward to pregnancy, where women's boobs generally fill out delightfully... yeah, not mine. What does any of this have to do with weight loss? When women lose weight, they tend to lose the fat in their chest, too, meaning a trip to Vicki's for a new (smaller) size.

It may seem ridiculous, but these are genuine concerns that women have when facing weight loss. A friend of mine voiced this concern when she was contemplating lap-band surgery. Think about it: lose weight (good), get a much hotter body (great), lose your boobs (scary as all get out). We want to look and feel better--as well as be healthier--but we risk losing something that identifies our sex and our femininity. Don't get me wrong, boobs aren't everything about a woman, but they are a significant part of us, of our bodies.

This crossed my mind. But, and I am glad to report, my boobs have stayed strong : ) They have remained stoic as ever, and now they appear slightly bigger because I am significantly smaller. So much so that a girl friend of mine noticed and complimented them. (Yes, gentlemen. Girls do this. It's kind of like a right of passage in a friendship, you know you're solid if you can appreciate each others boobs.)

So, ladies, I understand your worries. I had them myself. They are not odd concerns, or out of the ordinary. They are valid and honest. But you should not let them define what you want for yourself or your health. They may defy the odds and the scale (like mine). ; )

(I was going to add an image here, but my better senses decided against it...sorry guys.)

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  1. Embly Bee (WW100+ Board)Sunday, October 09, 2011

    I LOVE this post! I agree 110%!! I have never been very well-endowed due to being a pear-shaped lady, and that fear of losing what boobs I do have did hold me back in the past. I have lost significant inches on my bustline = 5.5 inches in less than 3 months. This is more inches than I've lost anywhere else, BUT my DH has actually started complimenting me more on the girls, lol! Like you said, I think they are more noticeable with less fat elsewhere, and I think their shape does improve as we lose weight! (As long as it isn't TOO fast of a WL.) Thanks for being an inspiration!


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