Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 102

Wow! I passed the 100 day mark!

I posted for only the 2nd time while on vacation last night, during my trip home. It feels very good to be home. I ate poorly- it will be good to get back to eating right. I feel depleted without having fresh fruits and lean proteins daily. I also had many too many carbs while there. Back to business today though! Lot's of grocery shopping to do since we ran the house out of fresh things just prior to leaving a week ago. My garden had a welcome home party for me though this morning when I went out to tend to it... I have a bounty of wonderful fruits and veggies ready to go!

I'm worried only mildly about the weigh-in tomorrow. My shorts didn't seem to get any tighter while there, and since we did laundry and they could have tightened up in the wash too I feel pretty good. We'll see what tomorrow holds since I didn't weigh in last Sunday. I have to work hard to keep my self off the scale today and focus on restoring good eating habits.

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