Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 92

It's still kind of early in the day for me to be posting and summarizing, but I feel much better today! I felt horrible yesterday after that macaron binge and am fully back on the right track. Tomorrow is my macaron tour in NYC with a couple good friends, and after yesterday I'm not worried at all about my will to control myself. I can handle one at each place, and i may not even be inclined to finish each. I cannot wait though for lunch at Bouchon Bakery!!! My guess is that it will be terrific : )

Also- I came to a decision today. My goal for when I return to school in August after break is to be able to confidently wear a cute dress. Not a skirt, but an actual dress! With cute shoes. And summery and light in color. I'm excited to work towards this goal; it has nothing to do with numbers on a scale and all to do with feeling good! Stay tuned!

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