Friday, July 29, 2011

Days 114 & 115

I forgot to post yesterday : )  I was wallowing in my own laziness. Now I'm annoyed that I wasted a day, so onto doing lots of housework.

Since my visit home to Buffalo was full of food in ways I didn't want it to be, I charged myself all of my weekly allowance points (Weight Watchers) and am sticking just to my daily points for the remainder of the week. I thought this was going to be torture, but yesterday was ok. I even balanced my meals with all of my GHGs (Good Healthy Guidelines) so that I was satisfied before my points were up so I treated myself to a glass of Riesling from a wonderful Niagara County winery- Vizcarra Vineyards (part of Becker Farms). It is easily one of the best Rieslings I have had and was a terrific way to end the evening!

Today has been good so far and I am looking forward to heading to the store tomorrow to buy new pants for my return to school on Tuesday. All of my pants are now sliding down my backside... Good things!

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