Friday, July 22, 2011

Days 106, 107 & 108

Well, my internet service has been temporarily restored. However, the unbearable heat has not been fixed. Yes, I know, everyone is suffering right now and I equally sympathize with you all.

The heat makes my eating much easier- maybe some of you will agree- because my appetite diminishes to bare necessities when it's like this. I'll eat healthy with ease because heavy, processed foods make me feel weighed down and gross. Hmmm.... maybe I should remember that feeling even when it's not so ungodly outside. Something to ponder. I have been spending lots of time in the pool and outside gardening (where I yet again ran into chiggers and got eaten alive) so I'm getting plenty of activity. Need to focus on water intake, not just for weight loss, but for hydration in this heat.

I've enjoyed my time back home from vacation and am still amazed by losing weight during vacation. I do, however, have another trip coming up Sunday nite going home to Buffalo, New York. If you've read any of my earlier posts you'll know that going home for me is largely about the tastes of home; Buffalo is a big food and drinking town. I need to be cautious but I only have 2 days to battle, and since my Hubby has decided to join me and the boys, he'll help to keep me on track and focused. This time it needs to be about the people and the place. I need to remove the association of food with home. But oh, those REAL chicken wings : )  (If you've never had real Buffalo chicken wings, you must stop by when you are in the Western New York region. Just about any corner pizza place has wings, and they're the real deal. But for the best head to Duffs (click for info) and get a side of wet fries. Yum-o!

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