Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 109

I snuck on the scale again this morning- not that this is really a "sneaky" move on my part, I openly jump on the scale every morning to keep myself focused and on track. But I'm looking good for weigh-in tomorrow morning. I spent pretty much all of yesterday pool-side trying not to bake but having fun with my boys and some good friends (and a bottle of Riesling). Today back down to earth and some household chores. Again, easy to not eat such heavy foods in this heat.

I'm excited for tomorrow, also, since I'll be heading home for a few days : )  My family in BFLO haven't seen me this weight in almost 5 years. I've lost almost 40 pounds since any of my family has last seen me and I"m very excited!

Tune in tomorrow to see my scale results!

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