Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 93

Awesome day!!! Walked the streets of New York in search of the best macarons the city had to offer. We visited four places (only four because we felt any more may have been glutinous) and stopped at one place for lunch as well. If you have never been to Bouchon Bakery in NYC not only do they have gloriously large macarons, but they have a delightful array of menu items for lunch. I had the grilled cheese and tomato soup. That may seem boring, but I find that in the simple things you can discern how well a kitchen can execute anything. As expected, Bouchon's EVERYTHING was phenomenal. The grilled cheese was second to none.

I have maintained my points and stayed on plan for the day, though I may have only achieved one of my GHGs (good healthy guidelines). The point is I'm still on track, I didn't go overboard, and I can live with how the day went and the really good time we had. We'll definitely do this again!

And stay tuned to see who has the best macs from the places we visited. I'll be sampling one of each (plus my school's macarons) side-by-side later this evening!

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