Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 103

So vacation has come and gone, as well as one week of a missed weigh-in and...

I LOST 3.6 lbs.!!!!

I proved to myself that I can still manage in worst case scenarios and not make myself crazy over whether or not I'm going to be successful. Back in the saddle today though eating-wise and I have to find a way to incorporate activity into the remainder of the days that I'm on break. I'll also be going home to Buffalo, New York, to visit with my side of the family one week from today. It's daunting to go there because a large part of my visits there have to do with the 'tastes' of home. The food there is different and no other place in the country can do wings the way Buffalo does, or beef on weck, Theodore's hot dogs (made by Sahlens), and Anderson's frozen custard. These are tradition and staples in life in Buffalo and I will not miss out on them- but I have to have a plan to properly incorporate them and keep moving. Eh, I'll figure it out : )

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  1. Congrats!! As far as getting in activity, I just read this week that "walking" 20 minutes in the water is the equivalent of 40 minutes on land! I thought I remembered you saying you had a pool? My mom has one so I go there and walk while the kids play :) Anyway keep up the good work!


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