Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 110

A correction from today's earlier update...

I was elated, but cautious about a 5.6 lb. weight loss this week. So, I went to the bathroom and weighed again. Mind you, I weighed and reweighed myself 4 times when I saw 210 this morning. I couldn't believe it! But this time the scale was more reasonable and gave me a more predictable number. It seems I actually lost 2.2 lbs. this week, which is still above me weekly goal. I'm still thrilled! But that damn scale... I moved it around a few times to different parts of my bathroom floor and got different results each time, but couldn't duplicate the 210, so I used the number that appeared most often, which is 213.4 lbs. I'm good with that though : )


  1. Yea!!!! Congrats!!!!! 40lbs is huge!!! Literally!!! Minor setback on my side broke my toe and discovered cake balls..... Back on track though and I will get a 2-3 lb loss this week putting me at 207!!! I can I will I must!!!! Keep it up!!!----natalie

  2. Yay Natalie! You're getting close to "One"derland : )


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