Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 36

Well, today I was completely off plan. By design though, not as a matter of lack of control. With a group of like minded peers, I travelled to Hawthorne Valley Farms in Ghent, New York. We were treated to an amazing day at an organic and biodynamic farm and a wonderful meal there after the tour. The foods were rich and flavorful, and I discovered that raw milk is one of the yummiest things EVER! (raw = unpasteurized/homogenized, from cow to me with no middle man)

Tomorrow back on the wagon : )  But today was worth it, and I managed to eat thoughtfully and not over indulge. I listen to my body's cues as to when I was satisfied and stopped. It was a good day!

Check back tomorrow evening for a new page with pics from my visit there and some information on healthy alternatives to eat from the grocery store! Food has never tasted this good.

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