Thursday, May 26, 2011

Days 52 & 53

So I have reached a new phase in my journey. Not as a matter of the scale, but as a matter of lifestyle change--which is far more important.

Today was a rough day, for reasons that only I create in my small bubble of existence. In the not so distant past my reaction to these days is to simply eat. Food didn't judge me; it was always there, like a faithful companion; and it was always comforting. So food was my friend, though backside didn't agree. Through this journey I have mostly fought with the mental aspect of eating and learning why I eat like I do. I have had to reason with myself, and learn to recognize when I'm making excuses for eating out of a need for comfort. Also, unlearning the habit of rationalizing my bad choices has been a thorn in my side... Until tonight.

Granted, I'm not home free, and I never really expect to be, but my reaction to my stress this evening was not my standard. It was easy for me tonight to simply say that I didn't to use food in that way. It would only corrupt my efforts and make me feel worse in the short-run and the long-run. And I easily said 'no' to my old habit. Talk about empowering! It felt good to not give in. Another small victory had in my war against my waistline : )

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