Saturday, May 28, 2011

Days 53 & 54

I've been doing really well with eating and my activity has come in the form of lots of work outside to finish my garden and get the outside of our house in shape. It has kept me active and unable to really think too much about food outside of meal times. You know what they say about idle hands (idle hands are the devil's handiwork) and keeping them busy has kept them from wanting to put unnecessary food in my mouth. And I'm getting an awesome start on my summer tan!

There have been a couple noticeable changes in my shape lately and tomorrow I will post up-to-date photo's of me. I'm shrinking in many different directions and it feels WONDERFUL!!!! I can't wait to weigh in tomorrow morning as I think I have finally done away with the 230's! I attained my goal of getting below 230 by the end of May and I think I may have just done it : ) Tune in tomorrow to see!

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