Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 221 - Thanksgiving Inspiration

So... I have been rebounding from the rich and indulgent food I ate over the last 3 weeks while trying to tame my creative juices (Thanksgiving menu planning). I am haunted by one particular dish that I enjoyed in a rather animated fashion while at Oregon Culinary Institute--prosciutto wrapped fig.

(yes, i know this looks like a delightful little bacon roll-up, but i swear there is a black mission fig inside...)

Prosciutto = amazing ham/bacon/pork/dry aged/smoked yumminess

fig = fresh fruit that usually becomes a "Newton"

Prosciutto + Fig = amazing sweet and salty love child. Nestled delicately upon a scant bed of arugula drizzled with balsamic vinegar, I could have eaten plate after plate. I'm thinking of recreating it for bite sized side dishes next Thursday. I think I'll broil them, but maybe I'll throw one or two into the sautee pan. Yum.

And at if you use super thin prosciutto (which is the only way to use it really) you can have 2-3 of these beauties for only 1 PP (Weight Watcher's). Now try to argue... See, you can't. : )

I think this will be the first of my week long set of posts musing about delicious, flavor packed Thanksgiving dishes that are figure friendly. Sounds good to me!

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