Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 232 - Weigh In Day

It wasn't horrible. I gained .4 pounds. It could have been a no gain/no loss week had I abided by my GHGs (Good Healthy Guidelines). I missed most of my veggies/fruits, didn't get my dairy in most days, and may as well have been in the Sahara for all the water I drank.

But, what did I expect? Nothing less than this actually. I'm owning this small, though significant, gain and am going to take care of it. Here's my action plan for the week, beginning today:

      • Clear the kitchen of trigger foods (chocolate, desserts)
      • Get more fruits and veggies to have on hand
      • Make a dinner plan for the entire week (for the whole fam)
      • Make a daily meal plan for me for the week
      • Get a master 'To-Do' list accomplished and stick to it
My meal plan will be posted later today--accountability.

These things are key to my success in changing my lifestyle. When I set myself up for success, I succeed. That's what I need to get back to.

Let's do it! 

Later that day... (my weekly meal plan I promised)

See? There it is : )

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  1. Your plan sounds solid. How about some walking to spike the metabolism? Getting rid of the trigger foods is tough but a must. Good luck and good job on focusing and staying commited.


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