Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 227 - Great Inspiration, Food and Entertainment

Man! It's like the perfect first date! (Read title of post if confused...)

I've found a few interesting places lately and have generously decided not to keep it to myself. Check out these places for some great Turkey Day and everyday food ideas!

Hungry Meets Healthy: Christina loves exercise. Christina loves food. Christina is a riot and has won awards for her blogging shenanigans. Lots of terrific recipes here. The one I've linked to is 6 PP per serving (at 4 servings) for Weight Watchers. I'll be making that next week...

Peas and Crayons: Food, art, life, and inspiration rolled up in one here. I found lots of great resources. Jennifer focuses on veggies since they are a vastly under-represented group in the blog-o-sphere. And she makes them yummy.

  Jillian's Kitchen: Jillian is a fellow 100+ boardie on Weight Watchers. She is kinda famous around our parts and has received awards for her blog that is packed with recipes. They are delish and weight-loss friendly. On Weight Watchers? She has PP values already broken down for you.

Stop by these sites, I promise it's worth the click!

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