Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 182 - Commitment vs. Motivation

To quote one of my fellow boardies from Weight Watcher's:
I go to work because I like my paycheck, 
if I went when I was motivated to do so I would be fired by Wednesday.
I follow WW because I like the results--the motivation comes and goes; 
on the days its gone, the results still speak for themselves.
~Queen Trish
I visited the doctor the other day and he wanted to discuss how I've been doing on my 'diet'... I immediately
corrected him and told him that I am not dieting-- I'm changing my lifestyle. He asked how that was going
and if I've been able to continue my journey. I told him that since I last saw him I had dropped another
20 lbs. for a total of 51 lbs. He was rather shocked. He asked how I do it with all the little things in life that
I am committed to. My answer:
"When I decide I want something, I dig my heels in
and I don't give up till I get what I want."  
This is me in a nut shell. It's a fault in other aspects of life (ask my hubby who has learned that I rarely accept
'no' for an answer to anything). But this attitude speaks more to commitment than to motivation.
I was motivated originally by the number 250 mockingly glaring at me from the bathroom scale.
I am no longer motivated in that way. But daily I wake up with a commitment to seeing my journey through
and permanently changing my lifestyle. Some days I just don't feel like doing it. Motivation? Try
ANTI-motivation. But the commitment is always there.
No matter what it is in life, commitment will get you through, not motivation. And I think the problem for me in
the past (and probably a problem for many people trying to lose weight) is that motivation cannot be counted
on to carry you through. It wears off very quickly, like dollar store lipstick. (I've never worn dollar store
lipstick, just making an assumption.)
I'll get off my soapbox now : )
Tomorrow- A simple way to get more Brie into your mouth diet. My newest indulgence.


  1. I needed this. I am 20 pounds down and my motivation is gone. I need to commit and try to find motivation as I go.

  2. Glad I could help : )

    It really is about commitment, and less about motivation. I'm finding this is true more and more. It was good to come to this realization, everything about this became much easier once I realized that my lack of motivation did not make me a failure... it made me normal--and human : )


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