Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 190 - Ugh. Focus is Dwindling.

Not my focus on losing weight. Still good there.

My focus on doing it by creating a healthy lifestyle. I still haven't felt like eating, after almost 10 days. I am eating, but barely. To give you a picture of what I should be eating (point-wise) I am at 31 daily points with about 7 extra points for use. So we'll call it 38. And the required fruits and veggies are zero points...

I'm eating on average about 8 points per day. I'm not myself right now and I kind need to snap out of it. It's hard, though, when you have no appetite and food just isn't interesting.

However this headache that I have had all day (writing this Monday night) probably will motivate me to eat/drink more fairly soon. Hopefully.

(I told you it wouldn't all be pretty.)

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