Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 189 - Celebrating Accomplishments

I used to celebrate everything with food. Everything.

Now that I have hit a number of milestones along my weight loss journey, I need to celebrate in other ways. Celebration of achievements is completely necessary- rewarding hard work makes continued commitment easier. But how to celebrate now?

Yesterday I took myself out for a girls day of shopping. I had thought of getting a cute pair of cherry red pumps for hitting the 50 lb. mark a few weeks ago. But one of my more recent posts became a bigger inspiration...

A day trip to Victoria's Secret and Lord & Taylor was in order. I never, never, never shop at these places. They are far too pricey for me. Which is why it made a great treat. It used to be chocolate. Or a lavish dinner. To be honest, those things aren't appetizing to me anymore, and I like it that way. Eye candy and accessories are far better indulgences than real candy.

Find those treats that you wouldn't usually spoil yourself with... and when you accomplish something you set out to do, don't be afraid to reward yourself. You worked hard, you deserve it! (now go get those heels!)

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