Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 187 - Weigh In Day... And some other stats

Another 5.6 lbs. down this week! But I must admit that it was not a very healthful week, and part of it is a rebound from the prior low-loss week. (See last Sunday's weigh in post). I've felt off all week and am prepared to eat properly again beginning today. I also am prepared for the scale to possibly not be so friendly to me next Sunday.

But for now, HAPPY DANCE!!!

All together I've lost 39.95 inches overall and 57 lbs.
My hips (butt) and thighs have slimmed the fastest and most... I was surprised by the butt--I thought that would give me the most resistance. But now I have a cute backside : ) You should have seen it yesterday in that new pair of jeans... I was tempted to take a picture for you all, but I thought it might be odd.

Next stop- lookin' hot...

Tomorrow: Breakfast Burritos with a sun-dried tomato wrap. Yum.

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