Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 118

So for today I'm going to work on my goals and motivations for the coming weeks. I have 3 milestones that I want to hit soon, and they are within reach and I can't wait to get to them.

In order, they are:
  • Getting under 210 lbs. (this could very well happen at my next weigh-in
  • Getting under 200 lbs. (could be accomplished within 4 weeks; haven't been this low since before I was pregnant with my 1st son over 7 years ago)
  • Dropping my BMI to 29, which will be below the 'obese' range and into the 'overweight' range
I had set out at the beginning of my summer break to be confident enough to wear a cute dress (or skirt) back to school tomorrow... I did go clothes shopping two days ago and tried on some dresses. They were cute and I liked them, and was mostly comfortable in them, but I've never been really into dresses, and couldn't justify spending that much money on something I may not wear more than one or two times. (The old adage- if you don't love it in the store, you won't love it or wear it at home.) So I don't count this as a failure- I just changed my mind, because I could very well wear one, but it's not my style really. But I did find other cute things that are more form fitting and I'm absolutely excited to wear them!

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