Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 141 - Some Words That Inspire and Motivate Me... And Some That Just Make Me Laugh

First of all.... **e-hem**
Hi to all of my WW boardies!!! This one's dedicated to you!

Today's post is a wonderfully fun, thought provoking and "Get your butt in gear!" quotes and advice that are so freely given by the amazing group of boardies over at Weight Watcher's.

What is a boardie, you might ask? They are the Weight Watcher's members who comprise the online discussion boards, many of them only utilizing the online membership. The 'board' is where we have our 'meetings' if you will; where we discuss our struggles, ask for help, give advice and encouragement, share our successes and provide the sometimes needed kick in the backside when someone's being backwards. This community of support has been vital in my journey, they are a never ending resource.

What I've posted below are some of the advice, quotes, personal signatures and sayings that proliferate our time together on the board. Enjoy : )
  • Anyone who says "Nothin' tastes as good as skinny feels" has never tasted bacon crackers. (Becca423)
  • Eating well is not deprivation. Deprivation is being too large to do what you want to do. (PeekyBooBoo) 
  • Don't Look back, you're not going that way. (Pat) 
  • Thin is a lifestyle, not some arbitrary number on a scale. (Margie)
  • If you don't eat all of your points you make Baby Jesus cry. (AmyApple)
  • To live a healthy life is a gift, not a burden. (Kim)
  • I am doing this. I am worth it. (Jillian)
  • A crust eaten in peace is better than a banquet partaken in anxiety. (Me... but originally Aesop)
  • Sweat is just your fat crying. (Josie1005)
  • Success depends on you backbone, not your wishbone. (HenryFigaro)
  • If you eat a lot of fruit and gain weight, quit eating the pizza. (Steve)
  • You can make virtually any dish low-calorie by eating less of it. (JMonty465)
  • Would you beat a child for falling as he is just learning to walk? Well, what we are learning here is just as hard. (Bethhl)
And with that, dear readers, I bid you good day : )

For tomorrow: My yummy dinner. Featuring chicken, corn and focaccia! (and maybe another selected Boardie quote... we'll see!


      1. loved this... and needed it today! Pat's quote is a new favorite.

      2. There is more to come Laura!


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