Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 134 - Hand Over Your Lunch!

My lunches this week are following the same convention as the breakfasts I talked about yesterday- I'm being repetitive but I don't mind if it will get my butt back on track. Everyday, while I'm letting my egg whites sizzle away in a hint of safflower oil, I begin composing the midday eats that accompany me to school. Yes, I take lunch to school-culinary school. I do in fact see the immense irony in this, no need to point it out. Let's move on.

Middle of the day tends to be about quick and satisfying as far as food goes. I pack a simple sandwich of whole wheat bread, extra lean deli ham, American cheese and yellow mustard rather precariously in my nice bright pink ('overly expensive' according to my husband) handbag. The sandwich always brings it's friend String Cheese along.
I then ask my banana/peanut butter sandwich if it would like to join the traveling party (it always responds in the affirmative). Here I use the term 'sandwich' lightly: it does not include bread-- my relationship with carbs needs a time out, if you'll recall from this past Sunday. I slice the banana lengthwise like you would for a banana split, then I lovingly spread 2 Tbsp. of peanut butter over one half and top it with the remaining slice of banana. Soooooooooo good! It's a wonder this snack makes it to campus ever, not an easy feat.
Lastly, depending on which schedule day it is, I may bring an afternoon snack with me. I love hummus, the tomato and basil variety to be specific. And I discovered that the best veggie to dip into hummus happens to be the greatly under-appreciated green bell pepper. Though not as vibrant or fun as it's red, orange and yellow cousins, it seems to be the least sweet which compliments the rich and almost sweet flavor of the hummus excellently.

He was watching me lick my lips taking this picture. Poor guy. He knew what was coming.

Later this week: A Guys Perspective- Talking with my friend Matt, another culinary student on a successful quest to drop more than a few pounds.

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