Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 130 - My Weight Loss Week In Review

When life gives you lemons, squeeze them, make a curd and plop it into a pie shell with meringue-then eat the whole darn thing. Well, that's not how that adages is supposed to go but that's what I did with lemons this week (metaphorically). Here's what I did well:
  • tracked every last bite that I ate- good, bad and ugly.
  • enjoyed my 7th wedding anniversary with my hubby
  • tamed a binge, instead keeping it to only two bad choices
  • exercised intentionally
And here's what we have to avoid in the future:
  • eating garbage- even though I tracked everything and stayed within my Points Plus (Weight Watchers)
  • not getting enough fruits/veggies, heart healthy oils, or water in
  • not sleeping nearly enough
  • eating emotionally- I didn't go into full-on binge mode (which I have been known to do) but I was fully aware of what I was doing and I rationalized why it was o.k. This is not o.k.
As many of you know, I climb aboard the scale every morning to keep me focused. I didn't do that as much  this week; and even though I can't count my chicks till they hatch Sunday morning (weigh-in day) I'm not seeing much movement on the scale. The scale is mad at me, and I'm disappointed with myself.

I need to do better next week.
I WILL do better next week.

(Ooh! And I ate a foot long, cheese smothered Philly Steak sandwich at 11:30 Friday night after seeing Wicked on Broadway with my hubby for our anniversary. It was delicious. I ate the whole thing. And I regret every last bite of it.)

Tomorrow- What did our friend The Scale tell me for week 19...

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