Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 144 - Staying On Plan While The World Ends

Yup- mild sarcasm there. Irene is headed this way and I'm worried mostly about how to keep my blog 'current' as opposed to things like water and toilet paper. Well, just because I may not be able to cook or eat great foods, doesn't me that my readers should be deprived, too.

So how am I planning to stay 'on plan' in the even that we lose power tomorrow evening? Check out my list.

  • Boil eggs (they'll keep easily enough and I won't be without healthy protein with a few (or a few dozen) on hand. (I tend to over-react)
  • Ready the fuel tanks! A have an extra tank of propane outside to cook off the meat that may go bad if we lose power. Assuming I can walk out the door without being blown into my neighbors' yard
  • Lots of bottled water- We don't have a municipal water source, we have our own well. If the power goes out, we have no water, so for this occasion I allow myself to be slightly less than green.
  • Fruits and veggies that are easy to eat out of you hands: grapes, berries, cherry tomatoes, avocado, celery (oh! with cream cheese and raisins!)
  • Loaves of bread and peanut butter, the protein has become essential for me, and my kids might wither if I failed to keep adequate rations on hand.
  • Canned veggies/fruit/soup. The fruit is easy to understand (only in natural juices though) but if the veggies and soup have you confused, see earlier list item about propane. Add a sheet of aluminum foil and a pot and you have warm soup. I was a Girl Scout. On my honor!
  • A knowledge of what is in my fridge so that if we loose power I can prepare food to utilize what will spoil first. Did you know that your fridge will hold it's temperature for 4 hours without power (without opening it), but your freezer will keep it's chill for 48 hours if it is full (24 hours if half full)? I'll have to curb the urge to stand and stare into the fridge.
  • Keep things around to keep busy!!! I am a boredom eater--and the prospect of having countless bored hours on my hands is a little daunting. But I bought some fun things to do with the wee ones. Card games, board games, tie-dying (yes, I am crazy-please don't tell my hubby!), and I can keep the computer charged for movies for me for the kids. Family fun time!
Tomorrow is weigh in day. I'm unsure if I will be able to access the internet properly, but I will have a post up no matter what. It may be the default post (the yummy side dish I had yesterday evening, I can't wait to share!) or it will be my regularly scheduled weigh in post. I have had a few struggles these last 3 weeks and have consulted my support group over at Weight Watchers-- my boardie friends whom I recently introduced you to... They have been a ginormous help. Because sometimes it's hard to see the trees... I'll stop right there : )  (I.C.)

And with that, I set out to brave my existence against Irene and steel my stomach against her unfriendly and imminent arrival.

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  1. good luck! I am out in western pa, so we have been spared... I would HATE to be without power, I get bored so easily.


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