Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 125 - Drunken Jam and Indulgence

So, even though jams/preserves/jellies are not the most friendly foods for weight loss, learning to eat anything in a healthy way is what I'm working on. And I love to make jams. One teaspoon at a time (or 20 grams if your a weigh-it-out kind of person like me) is only one point for my plan, which makes me happy! So I present you with my recipe for Plum Riesling Jam. This recipe makes 8 cups.

     *all photography by Kara, please no reproductions

The only problem with making such yummy things is the temptation to eat while making... Though this did in fact prove to be problematic, I still tracked every last drop that I "taste tested" and added it to my daily food intake. Some of this yumminess will be headed over to a couple friends so that I don't have so much available. Friends are wonderful things when you're watching your food intake and have to make 'batches' of recipes and can't keep all of it around. Thank you Becca and Shinera!

Tomorrows topic: My typical breakfasts and why I combine the foods that I do.

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  1. :) No problem. I am having a hard time waiting until to tomorrow to try it!


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