Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 139 - An Interview With Matt, Part Two

Part two of our interview with a fellow CIA student Matt. Click here to read part one.

Kara: Have you incorporated physical activity at all?
Matt: I did. I started with 20 minute increments in cardio and worked my way up to and hour. After about two weeks of that though, I was getting bored. So I started using weights. And I did that for about a month. But summer break came and I stopped working out. I could tell that I was losing muscle weight because I dropped 5 pounds by doing nothing. Then I went back up those 5 pounds. It's been tough getting back to it. Lot's of stress going on. Makes it tough.

Kara: Between cardio and weight training, which did you feel was more beneficial to your weight loss?
Matt: Cardio without a doubt. Weight lifting definitely sustained my weight loss but it didn't help me lose any more. Cardio is the way to go.

Kara: What has been hardest about losing the weight, other than changing your eating and physical habits? For me it's been under-growing all of my clothes and feeling frumpy in them because they are so loose. What is it for you?
Matt: Yeah! It's bad! I wanted to wear suspenders the other day and when I put them on my pants and there was this big old pocket in the back, and was like 'I can't wear this now.' And my class schedule messes up my breakfast and lunch, which messes up my day somewhat.

Kara: Have you given yourself any time limits- not eating past a certain time?
Matt: That's actually what I credit most of my weight loss to, not eating past a certain time. When I was hardcore losing, I stopped eating at 7pm. And to stave off the hunger I would drink a lot of water and chew gum.

Kara: What have been the greatest benefits other than improving your overall health?
Matt: Compliments! The compliments are nice. And going up Roth Hall stairs is cool, I'm still a little winded after four flights, but it's not as bad now. And I got a girl, I guess. *he gets a little red and bashful at this point : )* So that's nice.

Kara: Did you have any Ah-Ha moments when you realized you could do something physical again?
Matt: Actually my parents have some property upstate and there's a big hill in the back and I used to run with my dog up the hill, and halfway up I'd have to stop and catch my breath. Now I can just run right up it.

Kara: Have you found a lot of support from friends on campus?
Matt: Yeah, they'll say that I'm looking great, and keep up the good work. You know, it helps with the motivation.

Kara: How does your family react when you go home?
Matt: Well, they've seen me in between here and now, but they support me. Being home, though, can be terrible--something about home. I think I've just been eating bad my whole life and that just comes natural when I go home.

Kara: What has been your biggest obstacle other than being surrounded by all of this food?
Matt: I hate exercise. I loathe it. I detest it.

Kara: Have you found difficulties with people socially now that you interact with food differently?
Matt: Minor ones. I'll be out with friends and they'll want to split something and I can't, and I order a salad instead. They'll ask why I don't want to eat something and it feels like, you know 'This is hard enough already. Stop tempting me.'

Kara: How about tips, advice, motivational words for anyone who wants to lose weight but might think they can't do it?
Matt: If I can do it, anyone can. *laughs at his own cliche* But you've got be ready to do it. Something clicks in you, that you're going to do it and it's going to be now. I'm doing this, I'm losing the weight.

I agree Matt. Thank you for your candor and your time! : )

Tomorrow: Foods I can't live without. 

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  1. Kara, I've been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now after rejoining WW for the umpteenth time myself and have to say thank you! It's awesome to follow your journey and remind myself I can do this too. Please give Matt a HUGE thank you for sharing and congrats on his own journey. What you're doing here is awesome and I appreciate it! Keep up the FABULOUS work! :)


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