Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 146 - almost there

So I found a Dunkin' Donuts that has power and the boys and I went to get breakfast. I ordered my new 'in a pinch' weight loss friendly Egg White Flatbread breakfast sandwich. And coffee, hot coffee. My older son asked for a toasted bagel with cream cheese, and the younger only wanted munchkins. Ok. I don't have the energy to fight it. Just eat a banana first, please. He had already nibbled on some baby carrots this morning.

I realized as I was watching them eat things I used to gobble up, that I don't really crave those sugar filled goodies anymore. Yes, I had 2 little munchkins, but it was easy to say 'no more' and walk away.

I also had a chubby flashback! I realized as I was peering into the tiny box of larger pants sizes that I used to get that box (with 25 donuts) and a sugar saturated frozen coffee drink many mornings. And I polished them off on my way to school, in about 30 minutes time. The passenger floor of my car was perpetually littered with evidence of my love affair with the corporate giant. More over, I would eat again at school, usually including bacon.

What was I thinking?!?! How tines have changed!

Well, I'm expecting my amazing hubby home in a few seemingly endless hours with the generator that my ever caring father in Buffalo got for us. I'll be able to eat normally, post to the blog, and shower!!!! In the mean time, please enjoy this cute picture of my boys that inspired this post : )  (did it come out sideways? I'm posting from my Android and can't tell...)

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