Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 148 - Feeling Under the Weather

I'm getting a little bit run down. This happens every year at this time--actually anytime the seasons change my body has a little temper-tantrum about it. All I want to do right now is stuff my face with comfort foods and lay in bed watching Pirates of the Carribean (still haven't gotten through them all; this could take a while).

I do realize that this would only fix me temporarily and soon after would lead me to feeling worse about sabotaging my own efforts for a few moments of indulgence. Instead I need to find some other way to satisfy my need for 'comforting'.

I have discovered that writing creatively can completely consume me to the point that I think baout little else. Even in the unfriendly face of writers' block, I still am able to step ouot of my world for a brief time. So, to thi send, I think I will endulge you with some of my food musings on a new page on my blog. Some of the boardies over at Weight Watcher's refer to it as food pron (middle two letters intentionally inverted), but I may just give it a less racey name. Check back this weekend to see what my fingers occupy themselves with instead of popping food into my mouth.

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