Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 147 - Back in the Swing of Things

I have computer access!!! (But it's because I'm over 30 miles away at school, but hey, I'm not complaining!)

Sunday did show a weight loss of 2 pounds and that made getting through the storm a bit easier--I had continued motivation to track my food and make do the best I could. I'm still on plan!

I have no running water though... And as girls do, they feel the need to be clean whatever the circumstance. So I decided to employ my large pool in my back yard for the purposes of bathing. Not right in the pool, but close enough. Either way, the helicopter that flew over head got a nice show. But I feel much better : )

We have limited power, my father in Buffalo bought us a generator and my amazing hubby drove over night and back the next day so we can have some normalcy. At the very least right now, we have a refrigerator. Hopefully I will have internet access at my home soon and can resume normal posts with great pics and food soon; by the end of this week I'm sure.

Ooh! Speaking of pictures, I have a few that I will have to share tomorrow (hopefully) of a few things we did during Irene. Including my grill eggs! It hasn't been so bad, just have to get out of my comfort zone and be creative.

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